reclusedriver (reclusedriver) wrote in band_aids,

50 bucks and a case of beer

So, I've never actually met a band.  But I would like to.  How do you guys met bands? Any secrets willing to share.

My one friend suggested I bake them cookies.  Oddly enough, it's worked for him.
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I say go to shows and hang out. Thats really how u meet bands, start with local bands.
so no stereotypical hang out by the back door tricks.
nope just hang out in the local pubs and venues, make friends with one band and soon enough u will know tons of bands. u may even become a musicians gf. thats what happened to me.
yeah, sounds like a plan. I think I just know too many jazz musician. Great guys, just very, and I mean very, laid back.
Wake up! Don't go to New York!
bars always seem key to me. the venue bar (if it's not an arena tour or anything). neighborhood bars. other local hot spots.

be yourself. remember they're just people too. and sometimes they're just as intimidated by fans and you are by them.